Asheboro Hosiery Mills and Cranford Furniture Company Complex (also known as Cranford Industries and National Chair Company) is a historic textile mill and furniture factory complex located in the heart of downtown Asheboro, North Carolina. The complex includes three brick industrial buildings erected from 1917 through the 1940s and the Cranford Industries Office constructed in 1925. Also on the property are the contributing Cranford Industries Smokestack and a lumber shed (both built in the 1950s). The Mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. 


"The Cranford Family invested time, energy and money 100 years ago to build this beautiful, historic mill. This mill changed Asheboro for the better--it brought jobs, industry and a thriving economy to this city. Why take it down? Why not sow and rebuild?"

- Dustie Gregson



“My grandfather, C.C. Cranford, built the initial buildings in 1917. He used them as a box plant, boxes for the hosiery being manufactured. He was a fascinating man. He grew up on a farm in the New Hope Community southwest of Asheboro. He wanted to move to Asheboro and 'make his way in the world.'

C.C. moved to the downtown Asheboro area and drove a wagon for a flower mill for years. He saved all his hard-earned money and ended up buying the flower mill, which then turned into the Hosiery Mill. The Hosiery Industry was moving into our area, and business was booming. He moved into the furniture industry and built many other additional plants. 

When my grandfather passed away in 1955, my dad took over the business; and when my dad passed away, I took it over. We sadly closed everything down in 1999. Although I truly enjoyed working with the people and cared about them, to be honest, closing was a relief. The hosiery business got so difficult because of trade and globalization. So much of our work went to Mexico and China due to cheaper labor. The mill has been abandoned for eighteen years now.

When Dustie Gregson bought the Cranford office building and restored it into The Table Farmhouse Bakery, it was marvelous to see my office of thirty years transformed! If Dustie hadn't bought the mill in 2016, it would've been torn down and sadly made into a parking lot. Our family can't wait to see what the great success Mill 133 will be.”

- Sam Cranford
Owner of Cranford Industries