Phase 1 Complete!


June 2019

Over 100 years ago the Cranford Family came and built this incredible mill, which was purposed for box manufacturing, then furniture then hosiery. The whole downtown of Asheboro blossomed, because of one man’s vision for business and commerce. The Cranfords sparked community, economy, unity, commerce; the streets were always full of families, a thriving downtown! It changed people’s lives for the better.

Jerry Neal and I’s vision in partnering to start Vision to Sow and Rebuild LLC was to take a place that was caving in and rebuild it. It’s truly a beauty in disguise. When I close my eyes and imagine what this place can be, I see families walking around and a sense of community sparked back to downtown. We want to start that spark again in Asheboro; we want more entrepreneurs to come and sow in to this space, too. It’s such a vital piece of this city that we couldn’t bear the thought of it becoming a parking lot.  Instead, we want to pour new life back in to it! Whenever you sow in to something like this, growth and fruit is inevitable.

I’ve spent hours and hours sitting in the mill dreaming, and I ask myself, “What do I see?” I can visualize an inn—a small boutique hotel, a spa, retail shops. That’s our concept and where we would like to go. We’re opening an atrium area in the center; we can do art walks and other community-driven events that will invite families to come and explore. The possibilities are endless. 

We’re so thankful for all the hard work of everyone who helped us complete Phase One of restoration. Doing things excellently takes time, and we are not in a rush. We’re excited to see what comes of our original blueprint designs conceptualized by Durham-based Belk Architecture, who specializes in historic preservation and adaptive reuse. Stay tuned, everyone! And as always, we are so grateful for your support!

-Dustie Gregson


Photography by Gabriel Ramirez